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Camera Sounds (Foley) Sample Pack

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This is an unconventional sample pack is a great addition to your collection of foley. I use foley for my lofi drum kits. I know this isn't actually a drum sample pack, but the lofi hiphop aesthetic that comes from this sample pack is amazing. The warm sounds of this Camera Sample Pack is sure to change the vibe of any song.

I use a Canon AE-1 Program to create a sample pack. I personally like that sound of a camera shutter, but I don't end up using that sound in this song.

Foley samples of a film door closing is great sound already, but knowing it is from a Canon AE-1P really brings the aesthetic to a whole new vintage vibe. This Film Door Closing sample became the sound of my kick drum. The Film Advance sound effect was a perfect snare.

The Canon AE-1P has an Exposure counter. When the film door is opened, the exposure counter resets. I used the Exposure Counter Reset sound as a Perc to add bounce to the overall track.

The sound of loading film is really nice. It's the sound of the metal film canister actually going into the camera itself. It's just a perfect, ambient, foley type sound that makes this have that very LoFi HipHop feel to it.

My Camera Sample Pack really has that LoFi HipHop aesthetic. Other foley sample packs have that vibe, but knowing it's a sampled from a film camera really makes it feel more vintage.

You can import these camera samples to an SP404 or Akai MPC for a true Lofi Hiphop experience. Add some vinyl samples to bring it all together.



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