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Here is a list of all our playlists for both Spotify and Apple Music. We hope that you can find the playlist that's right for you.

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LoFi Sleep

LoFi HipHop Sleep Relax Beats Music Playlist

This is the perfect playlist to fall asleep to. The mellow instrumentals are sure to help you relax into the deepest slumber. We recommend streaming it all night long. Waking up to the peaceful sound of LoFi Sleep is almost as good as falling asleep to it.


LoFi Chill

LoFi HipHop Chill Study Beats Music Playlist

We've found the best vibes of LoFi hiphop for all your chilling purposes. Personally, we've found these beats are best for a long car ride. After a good night rest from listening to LoFi Sleep, start your day with the perfect vibes of Lofi Chill.


Stress Relief Beats

LoFi HipHop Stress Relief Beats Music Playlist

Sometimes you just need to relax and unwind. Our Stress Relief Beats Playlist is designed just for that. Whether you're studying or just trying to recenter your vibe, this playlist will surely refresh your mental state. Reduce the tension of the chaotic world with Stress Relief Beats.


LoFi Sleep and Relax

LoFi HipHop Sleep Relax Beats Music Playlist

It's nice to just mellow out the vibe every once in a while. This is the perfect playlist for that. This playlist is perfect for playing video games, studying, and even falling asleep. We find that this playlist goes best with a cup of tea or coffee while you're reading a book. Enjoy chill vibes for 40 Hours.