How To Sidechain in Logic Pro 10.5 | 2020

sidechain Logic Pro x compression compressor sidechain compression sjidechaining side chain

Sidechaining is the best way to make room for your drums in your mix. This is a form of compression, but the volume level of one instrument is controlling the effect level on another instrument.

Essentially, when Track A triggers the compressor to act on Track B, without compressing Track A. It uses Track A as a reference to effect Track B.

In most instances, the Kick Drum (Track A) is used to compress the Sub bass (Track B). This makes the Kick Drum sound PUNCHY and allows it to cut right through the bass.

What's good, people? It's Jagilsdorf. Coming back at you with another Tutorial Tuesday for your liking. Today we're going to talk about Sidechaining using Logic Pro X.

We have 3 tracks here; a Drum Break, a Kick, and our Sample Track. I also have a send to a Bus for my Reverb.

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